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Cultural heritage in local and regional social and economic stability

The workshop will summarise state-of-the-art in the research of cultural heritage in local economic and social stability, with the aim to improve and up-to-date mutual information about scientific achievements and capacity of research facilities in the pre-Accession to the EU countries and it will support transition of this information to the EU countries as well as to the countries of Community’s external policy interests. It will help to select themes for medium term workshops and joint or concerted research (METEOR) in the field of cultural heritage role in local economic and social stability and will gather data on relevant national and international funding possibilities for such a research. The workshop is aimed to choose appropriate research orientation and training of teachers in the area necessary for a sound economic and social local or regional development. All this will be used for relevant networking and twinning arrangements and links among pre-Accession to the EU countries, as well as, between them and the EU countries in the area of cultural heritage research.

The workshop topics

  • problems in which the management of cities and communities in general as well as economic actors, various institutions and professionals have to cope with issues associated with the protection, use and development of cultural - historical entities (CHE). Those issues considered most relevant become the content of the workshop, in particular the following ones:
  • The identification of the institutions and professionals interested in the field of CHE, functions of CHE in local (regional) development.
  • Utilisation of the historical localities and structures. Carrying capacity in terms of CHEs’ use and exposition to different purposes.
  • Ownership of CHE as an influential factor as to their use and protection.
  • Issues associated with tourism and its relation to cultural heritage.
  • The ways how to apply the systems of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Impact Assessment (SEA) in the projects where CHEs are involved.
  • Identification of spheres and types of activities for local and regional SME.
  • Attraction of cultural heritage for SME, contribution for stability of enterprises.
  • Forms of fair distribution of externalities of cultural heritage in a territory.
  • Best practice of big cultural heritage ensembles use and management on the principle of self-financing.
  • European cultural heritage routes through Central and East Europe.

National representatives

Capp, S (L); Chalupová, M (SK); Drewello, R (D); Ferris, J (UK); Goncalves, M (P); Gustafsson, C (S); Jacobs, C (NL); Kovács, E (HU); Leitao, L (P); Macháček, J (CZ); Manoliu, M (RO); Munasinghe, H (FIN); Russow, U (EE); Tepavicharov, D (BG); Tzakou, A (EL)

Workshop proceedings

Conclusions of the ARCCHIP Workshop A02
National Presentations - State of the Art Reports
Bulgaria: Problems of the Bulgarian Cultural and Historical Heritage (CHH) in the Context of the Regional Development D. A. Tepavitcharov
Estonia: Cultural Heritage in Local and Regional Social and Economic Stability U. Russow
Finland: Cultural Heritage in Local and Regional Social and Economic Stability, The Finnish Experience H. Munasinghe
Greece: Historical Cultural Entities - Archeological Sites A. Tzakou
Hungary: Tourism for Conservation "The Restoration of the Castle at Lovasbereny" E. Kovács
Luxembourg: The European Institute of Cultural Routes S. Capp
Netherlands: ARIADNE - Workshop on Cultural Heritage C. Jacobs
Portugal: World Heritage City of Angra do Heroísmo M. O. Gonçalves, L. Leitao
Romania: Cultural Heritage in Local and Regional Social and Economic Stability M. Manoliu
Slovak Republic: Cultural Heritage in Local and Regional Social and Economic Stability' State of Art - Slovakia M. Chalupová
Sweden: State of the Art C. Gustafsson
United Kingdom: Conservation and Regeneration in the Nottingham Lace Market J. Ferris