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Cultural heritage in urban areas

The workshop will summarise state-of-the-art in the research of cultural heritage issues in relation to urban planning, development and life of settlements in order to improve and up-to-date mutual information about scientific achievements and capacity of research facilities in the pre-Accession to the EU countries and will support transition of this information to the EU countries as well as to the countries of Community’s external policy interests. It will help to select themes for medium term courses and joint or concerted research (METEOR) in the field of cultural heritage in urban areas. It will gather data on relevant national and international funding possibilities and it will help to choose “hot” topics in research orientation and training of teachers necessary for a sound economic and social local or regional development. All this will be used for relevant networking and twinning arrangements and links among pre-Accession to the EU countries, as well as, between them and the EU countries in the area of cultural heritage research.

Description of the contents, the workplan, the steps, the approach or the methodology

Integration of cultural heritage in urban areas requires integrated planning, resolution of cultural aspects in relation to social and economic development and protection of environment. It must deal with integration of new architecture into historic setting as well as with assessment of the impact of planning measures on cultural heritage. The subjects will involve:
  • Methods of integrated planning for protection, preservation, enhancement and rehabilitation of cultural heritage – safeguarding plans.
  • Survey methodology.
  • Urban conservation conceptions.
  • International comparative studies (bad and good examples).
  • Definition of substantial elements and aspects of the character and identity of historic urban areas.
  • Evaluation of new architecture in the historic setting.
  • Benefits of cultural heritage for housing – variety of spaces for housing, measures for enhancement and rehabilitation of cultural heritage as a contribution to quality of housing. Measures for housing stabilisation.
  • Variety of suitable uses of cultural heritage for the needs of everyday life and limits to eliminate threats.
  • Possibilities and limits of reuse of public spaces in the historic environment as a contribution to housing and leisure. Methods of public involvement.

National representatives

Aristotelous-Cleridou, A (CY); Borg, M (MT); Cabral Sacadura, F (P); Drdácký, M (CZ); Dupagne, A (B); Erlien, G (NO); Erö, Z (HU); Esteve, C (F); Kratochvíl, P (CZ); Lejnieks, J (LV); Niskala, K (FIN); Nistor, S (RO); Papatheodorou, P (EL); Šarišský, M (SK); Sipelgas, K (EE); Topcu, H (TR); van Dun, P (NL); Vaz, L (P)


Conclusions of the ARCCHIP Workshop A03
National Presentations - State of the Art Reports
Czech Republic: Planning and Management of Historic Cities - a Czech Approach and Example of a World Heritage City of TELČ M. Drdácký
Czech Republic: State of art P. Kratochvíl
Cyprus: Cyprus State of Art Report Cultural Heritage Issues in Relation to Urban Planning Workshop A. Aristotelous-Cleridou
France: State of the Art concerning the situation of research in the "Cultural heritage in urban area" C. Esteve
Finland: Building Heritage in Finnish Wooden Towns K. Niskala
Greece: Municipality of Rhodes, GREECE P. Papatheodorou
Hungary: Cultural Heritage and Urban Planning in Hungary, 2001 Z. Erö
Latvia: LATVIA Training system in field of Cultural Heritage J. Lejnieks
Malta: VALLETTA, Integrated Conservation and the Rehabilitation of Housing Stock M. Borg
Netherlands: Integrated Conservation in the Netherlands on behalf of the Case of NIJMEGENA Historic Medium Sized Town in the Netherlands P. van Dun
Norway: Cultural Heritage in Urban Areas G. Erlien
Portugal: The Cultural Heritage in Rural Areas: Case Study in the Portuguese Central Region F. C. Sacaruda
Romania: Romania's URBAN ARCHITECTURAL heritage: between neglect and revitalization S. Nistor
Slovak Republic: Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Urban Areas Slovak Republic M. Šarišský
Slovenia: Protection of Architectural Heritage, State of Art, New Aims and Possibilities in Urban Renewal- The Case of Slovenia - P. Fister
Turkey: Change with/versus Conservation: Architectural Interventions and their Effects on the Character of the Historic Urban Patterns: A Case Study on Historic Urban Site of Izmit, Turkey H. Topcu