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Cultural heritage and eco-efficient technologies

The workshop will summarise state-of-the-art in the research of eco-efficient technologies in connection to cultural heritage in order to improve and up-to-date mutual information about scientific achievements and capacity of research facilities in the pre-Accession to the EU countries and will support transition of this information to the EU countries as well as to the countries of Community’s external policy interests. It will help to select themes for medium term courses and joint or concerted research in the field and to gather data on relevant national and international funding possibilities. The workshop is aimed to direct cultural heritage research orientation and training of teachers into environment related matters useful for a sound economic and social local or regional development. All this will be used for relevant networking and twinning arrangements and links among pre-Accession to the EU countries, as well as, between them and the EU countries in the area of cultural heritage research.

Description of the contents, the workplan, the steps, the approach or the methodology

Ecological aspects of cultural heritage, ecological problems of conservation technology, ecological know-how which can be extracted from the cultural heritage, problems of increase of awareness of citizens about environmental and cultural heritage issues, common features of natural and cultural heritage, possibilities and economy and social consequences of application of traditional eco-technologies, etc.

National representatives

Avramidou, N (I); Ball, D (UK); Carydis, P (EL); Delev, K (BG); Gucek, M (SI); Horyna, T (CZ); Kadalipp, K (EE); Karlsen, E (NO); Kratochvíl, V (CZ); Pavia, S (IRL); Sali, A (EL); Suikkari, R (FIN); Ünay, A (TR); Urtane, M (LV); Watt, J (UK)

Content of Workshop proceedings

National Presentations - State of the Art Reports
Bulgaria: Vulnerability of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage to Hazards and Prevention Measures K. Delev
Czech Republic: Risk Assessment as a Tool to Protect Historical Buildings T. Horyna
Estonia: State of Art - Estonia K. Kadalipp
Finnland: Wooden Town Tradition and Town Fires in Finland R. Suikkari
Ireland: State of the Art of Conservation in Ireland S. Pavia
Italy: Vulnerability of Cultural Heritage to Hazards and Prevention Measures N. Avramidou
Lithuania: Damages of Monuments by Fire in the History of Vilnius: Damages of Monuments and Current Prevention Strategies A. Kasparaviciene
Norway: Fire Protection of Norwegian Cultural Heritage E. Karlsen
Romania: Vulnerability of Romanian Cultural Heritage to Hazards and Prevention Measures R. A. Sofronie
Slovak Republic: Vulnerability of Cultural Heritage to Hazards and Prevention Measures, Defects and Damage on Historical Buildings Caused by Neglecting and Improper Management M. Šarišský
Slovenia: Modern Conservation Research as Guidelines for Conservation Projects in Slovenia M. Guček
Turkey: Seismic Behaviour of Historical Masonry Structures; Damages Observed in Mihrimah Mosque After 17 August 1999 Earthquake A. I. Unai
United Kingdom: Risk Management and Cultural Heritage D. Ball, J. Watt