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ARIADNE 13 – Salt Damage and Desalination – A Combined Short Course/Workshop “SALTeXPERT”

organized by ARCCHIP and The Getty Conservation Institute

Damage to porous materials from the action of moisture and salts is of major concern in stone and mural painting conservation. Salt action is also severely affecting the corrosion rates of outdoor bronze.

There is a need to foster research in the applied area of damage mitigation and desalination, or interaction of conservation treatments with salt-laden structures. There is no doubt about the damage potential attributed to different types of salts. It is also well known that consolidation treatments can fail under the presence of high salt loads, which additionally can affect other restorative interventions as rendering, artificial stone etc.

Advanced Research Initiation Assisting and Developing Networks in Europe (ARIADNE) workshops form the core of the ARCCHIP project. They generally consist of problem-oriented events lasting about one week, which bring together a group of researchers specialised in one of the selected topics. For its part, the Getty Conservation Institute has devoted significant resources to research on salt damage in porous materials for a number of years. It is an opportune moment for the GCI to evaluate its work to date and, perhaps, to refocus its research approach. It was this convergence of interests between the ARCCHIP project and the Getty Conservation Institute regarding the topic of salt damage and desalination that led to the development of this workshop as a common initiative.




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