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Mezinárodní poradní orgán:

Prof. Luca Caracoglia (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 400 Snell Engineering Center, Northeastern University, Boston, USA);
prof. May Cassar (Director of AHRC and Professor at UCL London, UK);
Dr. Hilde de Clerque (Past President of Int. Sci. Committee on Stone a IRPA, Belgie);
Dr. Philippe Delpech (Deputy Head of climatic wind tunnel laboratory CSTB Nantes, Francie);
Prof. Ivo Herle (Head of the Inst. of Geotechnics and Vice‐Dean of the Civil Engineering Faculty TU Dresden, Germany);
Prof. Rüdiger Höffer (TU Bochum, Germany);
Prof. Hrvoje Kozmar (University Zagreb, CR);
Prof. André Loits (Ministry of Culture, Brussels, Belgium);
Prof. Antonia Moropoulou (Vice‐Rector NTUA, Greece);
Dr. Norman Uhlmann, Dipl.‐Phys. (Head of Department Development Center for X‐Ray Technology (EZRT), Fraunhofer Gesselschaft, Germany);
Prof. Dr. Cristina Sabbioni, (Director ISAC CNR, Bologna, Itálie);
Prof. Stefan Simon (Past Director Rathgen Laboratory Berlin, Director of the Centre for restoration of monuments at Yale University, Germany / USA).