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Software GMAST v. 2.0

Authors: Hračov Stanislav (v. 2.0, 1.0), Pospíšil, Stanislav (v. 1.0)

Software GMAST has been developed for modal analysis of tall slender structures such as guyed masts and towers. It determines eigen-frequencies and eigen-modes related to a bending and a torsional vibration. GMAST provides corresponding effective masses, modal bending and torsional moments, shear forces and dynamic forces in guy ropes. The Software was developed as results of the projects Software GMAST v. 1.0 and Analysis of guyed masts and towers GMAST ver. 2.0 funded by GAČR (Czech Science Foundation).

GMAST uses a runtime engine called MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR). To start-up GMAST, MCR ver. 7.16 or MATLAB ver. R2011b must be installed on your PC. To install MCR, download MCRInstaller.exe.

To run GMAST, save file GMAST2.exe to the arbitrary folder on your PC and simply click on it.

To provide the correct display of the user guide, file MANUAL2.pdf should be placed in the same folder as file GMAST2.exe.

Typical example of project can be downloaded from the file UTAM.mat.


V. 2.0 (5.7.2014)

  • Adding a module for modal analysis of torsional vibration
  • Numerical stability enhancements of modal analysis of bending vibration
  • Adding an option for neglecting of mass of ropes in the modal analysis
  • Updating and creating of a new and more sophisticated graphical user interface


The kind support of the projects of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. MPO TIP FR-TI3/654, Czech Grant Agency GAČR No. 13-41574P and of the RVO 68378297 institutional support are gratefully acknowledged.

Downloads (Windows 64-bit version)

Version 2.0
GMAST2.exe 2,9MB
MANUAL2.pdf fileformat-pdf.gif1,2MB
UTAM.mat 0,04MB
MCRInstaller.exe 433MB

Version 1.0
MANUAL.pdf fileformat-pdf.gif1,2MB
GuyedMast.mat 0,04MB
MCRInstaller.exe 433MB