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About DexelaIF software

Dexela X-ray detectors of 1512 family produced by Varex are modern and powerful devices for X-ray imaging. For the system integrators, the producer provides libraries for C++ and for Python, containing controlling and acquisition functions of the detector. However, there is a lot of work to integrate the detector functions into a running software. DexelaIF is a Python module that implements the Dexela functions in a convenient way for radiography and tomography, so that the programmer does not need to code all the corresponding routines. DexelaIF also provides a Graphical User Interface to facilitate the interaction with the detector. The detector is implemented as a class, whose methods can be directly used in the integrating higher-level applications.

Getting the software and licensing
Software files can be obtained from assoc. prof. Michal Vopálenský, vopalensky@itam.cas.cz. The software is distributed for free, but we require referencing in publications when used. Please, involve the sentence "For acquisition, DexelaIF module was used, developed at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Centre Telč, www.itam.cas.cz/software/dexelaif/".

System requirements and installation
DexelaIF was developed for computers using Windows operating system. Its usage on computers with different operating systems should be possible, but was not tested. The software requires Python 2.7 and PyQt5 package installed on the computer. The whole software is implemented in two files, DexelaIF.py and DetectorFormDexela.ui. It is recommended that the DexelaPy.pyd library provided by the producer be located in the same directory as the mentioned DexelaIF files. Software was developed for CameraLink connected detectors.
The software does not require installation, it can be imported into a python code using common importing methods, or launched from the command line.


Download manual here.

This work has been financially supported by the project of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic: Mobile device devoted to imaging and analysis of layered paintings and the polychromy of the works of old art (DG18P02OVV006).