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Grants supporting scientific projects can be obtained through public tenders organized by various institutions (ministries, grant agencies, funds, etc.). These public tenders are subject to Act No. 130/2002 Coll. on the Support of Research and Development from Public Funds and to the rules laid down by the relevant institutions and organizations. The thematic focus of grants is very broad, including, e.g., grants supporting cooperation between research and private sectors and international as well as inter-sector mobility of workers; other grants support young researchers or the development of international cooperation.
On this website, you can find a basic overview and information on the organizations and institutions offering grants and on their programmes and other conditions. In the list below, the grants (or programmes) are divided up according to whether they are national (projects funded by grants that are only implemented in the Czech Republic) or international (projects requiring international cooperation) for better clarity; furthermore, we provide an overview of institutions providing grants to young scientists and a list of institutions providing grants for mobility and researcher exchange.
More information is available on the website of the

Information System for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation




Národní granty poskytují:

Mezinárodní a přeshraniční granty poskytují:


Granty pro mladé výzkumné pracovníky poskytují:


Granty na podporu výměny/mobility vědeckých pracovníků poskytují: