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Head of Laboratory

Vavřík Daniel, Ing., Ph.D.

Research Activities

The Laboratory is carrying out work associated with the various international projects. These projects, with support from our laboratory, involve development of a compact uniaxial loading device suitable for experiments using radiographic methods. The device under construction also includes a chamber for loading the sample, which makes it possible to maintain stable fluid circulation at the selected temperature to simulate the natural environment for biological samples during experiments. Another device being developed is an instrument for the optical and mechanical analysis of samples examined in individual cross sections using the method of gradual abrasion (by micrometric layers) and micro-indentation. Another unique device, which is currently in the pilot testing stage, is a loading machine for four-point bending test. Its design allows it to be used in combination with radiographic methods and also with large samples (up to 300 mm in length).

Research Equipment

Equipment (existing):

  • Uniaxial loading device for radiographic measurements up to 10 kN (proprietary design)
  • Uniaxial loading device for radiographic measurements up to 0,5 kN (proprietary design)
  • Loading device for four-point bending test for radiographic measurements (proprietary design, patent bending)

Equipment (in development/production):

  • Equipment for optical and mechanical analyses using grinding (proprietary design)
  • Uniaxial loading device for radiographic measurements with optional chamber for biological samples up to 3 kN (proprietary design)