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73-4Lapped Scarf Joints for Repairs of Historical Structures
This method is intended for the administrators of historical buildings, designers and workers, and organizations performing repairs of timber members and structures of historical buildings in order to ensure high quality of the preparation and execution of works for the preservation, long-term sustainability, high reliability, and safety of wooden structures.


Jiří Kunecký, Petr Fajman, Hana Hasníková, Petr Kuklík, Michal Kloiber, Václav Sebera, Jan Tippner
Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AS CR, v. v. i.
Centre of Excellence Telč
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology Mendel University in Brno
Faculty of Civil Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague

Lapped Scarf Joints for Repairs of Historical Structures

e-ISBN: 978-80-86246-73-4
DOI 10.21495/73-4
Published 2016
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