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Documentation, interpretation, presentation and publication of cultural heritage

The workshop will summarise state-of-the-art in the research and application of documentation, interpretation, presentation and publication of cultural heritage. It will improve and up-to-date mutual information about scientific achievements and capacity of research facilities in the pre-Accession to the EU countries and will support transition of this information to the EU countries as well as to the countries of Community’s external policy interests. It will further help to select themes for medium term courses and joint or concerted research (METEOR) in the field of documentation of cultural heritage and it will gather data on relevant national and international funding possibilities. The workshop is aimed to direct cultural heritage research orientation and training of teachers necessary for a sound economic and social local or regional development. All this will be used for relevant networking and twinning arrangements and links among pre-Accession to the EU countries, as well as, between them and the EU countries in the area of cultural heritage research.

Description of the contents, the workplan, the steps, the approach or the methodology

This area of research will deal with methodology of surveys (generally) and documentation contents, with documentation techniques, documentation systems connected with information systems, especially GIS, methodology of interpretation, presentation and publication of cultural heritage, theory and practice of art historic surveys, etc.


Angelomatis, E (EL); Bauerová, Z (SK); Bertelli, C (I); Bláha, J (CZ); de Buitléir, M (IRL); Enotiades, P (CY); Jukk, Ü (EE); Kovačec Naglič, K (SI); Kruml, M (A); Kuipers, M (NL); Lunnon, S (UK); Marques, T (P); Melot, M (F); Nypan, T (NO); Passoja, B (FIN); Stokin, M (SI); Tsougarakis, D (EL); Uzunovic, Z (BA); von Haslingen, B (S); Wasseige, M (B); Zilgalvis, J (LV); Zlateva, M (BG)

Content of Workshop proceedings

National Presentations - State of the Art Reports
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Protection, Documentation and Popularization of Cultural-Historical and Natural Heritage of Canton Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Z. Uzunović
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Cultural Heritage:Its Interpretation and Presentation Problems and Prospects M. Zlateva, A. Zlateva
Cyprus: Documentation, Interpretation and Presentation of the Architectural Heritage of Cyprus P. Enotiades
Czech Republic: State of the Art report - Czech Republic J. Bláha
Estonia: Some Aspects Concerning Heritage Protection Process in Estonia Ü. Jukk
Ireland: The Use of Geographic Information Systems, Relational Database Management Systems and Document Management Systems in the Management of Heritage Data M. Buitléir
Latvia: Documentation, Interpretation, Presentation and Publication of Cultural Heritage J. Zilgalvis
Netherlands: Dutch Developments in Documenting Built Heritage M. Kuipers
Norway: Use of Documentation and Databases for Management, Reporting, Casework, Communication and Relations with Stakeholders T. Nypan
Portugal: The Endovellicus Project and Its Role in the Administration of Heritage T. Marques
Slovakia: Documentation, Interpretation, Presentation and Publication of Cultural Heritage Z. Bauerová
Slovenia: Cultural Heritage Information System in the Republic of Slovenia K. K. Naglič
Slovenia: Methodology and Documentation Techiques in Corservation Projects in Slovenia: Aims and Reality! M. Stokin
Sweden: Documentation - on Different Levels B. von Haslingen
Tunisia: Médina de Tunis: Patrimoine social, Patrimoine monumental COMMUNICATION Faika Béjaoui